AVAILABLE OFFERINGS - Marked Sold When Spoken For !

As with all offerings on the site (aside from custom orders) items are sold to the first email to arrive requesting the piece. So, If you see something you MUST HAVE simply note (or you can cut and paste, lol) the item name or number ~ then send me an email at writing MINE (lol) and the item name/number in the subject line. I'll email you back as quickly as possible to confirm the item you request is yours! An invoice and delivery details will follow... I'll also mark the item SOLD as expediently as possible so others viewing will be aware what items are sold and which remain available.j

*If you have question about a piece, do feel free to email me !


Please be aware that all items offered are for adult use and/or wear only and are not for use by children of any age

Payment accepted: Paypal, check, money order in US funds. 

Shipping and tax as applicable: If delivered in NYS, sales tax will apply and be added to the total. 

Shipping within the US is 2.75 EXCEPT for snowman - his shipping is 3.50 
(some personal delivery is possible - and those of you this applies to know who you are, lol)

If you reside in Canada, or in the UK, AU, or Japan I'm happy to ship to you first class for 6.00. Customs forms will be filled out properly and duties/fees may apply once your parcel arrives, so it may be advisable to check with your local post to see what duties/fees may apply prior to purchase.

ZIP 'N ZING!  $5.95 Size aprox 1 1/4 inch long
Tapered cone with four lines of yummy blue dots around the bead. Strings top to bottom. Moretti glass. To purchase see info at top of page :-)

GO WITH THE FLOW $5.95 Set of 3 Size Aprox 3/4 inch meas across the bead hole. I love this size of bead - so versatile! This trio of blue (lol yes I do love to work in blue!) has randomly place embellishement like the flow of a river. A bit unpredictable - much like life. I also encased each bead for sheen and depth. To purchase, see the top of the page for details!

SNOWMAN ORNAMENT! $14.95 Aprx 2 inches tall from 'snowbank to top of hook". This handsome little snowman, sitting upon his own bank of ice and snow is unique without a doubt! I chose to create him from borosilicate glass. Only one created. He could easily become an heirloom NY artist work of holiday cheer....  For a gift or for yourself :-) a bit of holiday happiness. (Note: not for children of any age) Dual picture for varied views-only one snowman offered!




FROZEN IN TIME  $4.99 for the set Aprox size 1 inch measured across the hole. On this pair, I alternated the 'captures' high and low around the bead - lovely the way they catch the light and provide visual interest.  After all these years 'captured air' remains one of my favorite techniques! Magic...  For me, frozen in time beads as I've always called them are an icon, a talisman for a moment in time, a bubble of air, a glance, an emotion a memory frozen forever in time. To purchase see info at the top of the page :-)

MINI DONUT $8.98 Cobalt blue with yellow that weaves its way around the bead - yellow dots within the valley of the yellow weave for additonal embellishment. Multiple layers of casing for interest and shee. Large opening ideal for multiple or thick strand stringing! To purchase see info at the top of this page ...

BORO HEART GLASS BUTTON $9.95 Aprx 1 1/2 in long aprx 1/2 inch wide.  They say you shouldn't wear your heart on your sleeve, lol. BUT you can use this boro heart bead on a project! Made of borosilicate glass it has a glass shank that is an integral part of the bead and won't loosen or pull out as wire to glass shanks can. Glass buttons are, well, glass! As such they are not for children of any age and for adults require gentle use & care. But they reward that care with long lasting beauty and are a true one of a kind embellishment. To purchase, see info at the top of this page!